Back in time with three award-winning films!

Studio 54 was the epicenter of 70´s hedonism – a place that not only redefined the nightclub, but also came to symbolize an entire era. Now, 39 years after the velvet rope was first slung across the club’s hallowed threshold, a feature documentary tells the real story behind the greatest club of all time!
Awards and nominations
The film was nominated for best documentary at Athens International Film Festival and at the Dublin Film Critics Circle Awards. It was also nominated as the LGBTQ Documentary of the Year at the Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association (GALECA).
“ A riveting and Intimate look back at the greatest nightclub in New York history.”
David Ehrlich – IndieWire
“ Matt Tyrnauer’s documentary delivers a lively account of how Studio 54 opened its doors to disco music, hedonism and celebrity revellers.”Peter Brashaw – The Guardian




A visually striking and animated action film based on the real life events of the civil war in 1975 Angola. The audience follows Kapuscinski, a journalist in the front lines of the war and his internal struggle while he watches the effects the war has on the people he meets.
“The possibility of an “Under Firemeets Waltzing With Bashir” pitch should attract festival offers and audiences seeking fresh perspectives on living memory historical events.” Allan Hunter – Screen Daily
Awards and Festivals
-Cannes Film Festival. 2018. Golden eye. Nominee.
-European Film Awards. 2018. Winner.
-Biogram Film Festival. International competition. Winner.
-Winner of Cartoon Movie’s Producer of the Year Award.




A love triangle emerges around a rock and roll musician, his protege, and his wife in 1980’s Russia. Directed by Kirill Serebrennikov, an outspoken Putin critic, Leto is a tribute to the Soviet underground rock scene. Serebrennikov was under house arrest while his punk movie musical premiered at Cannes.
Awards and nominations
Won the Cannes Soundtrack Award & Nominated for the Cannes Palme d’Or.
Nominated at the Russian Guild of Film Critics 2019 for
Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Cinematographer, Best Composer, Best Production Designer.
“Putin’s Least Favorite Filmmaker Delivers a Spirited Requiem for the Leningrad Rock Scene.”
David Ehrlich – Indiewire
“Director Kirill Serebrennikov is under house arrest in Russia, but his wild, whirling, often confounding 1980’s rock opus moves freely.”Guy Lodge – Variety




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