Cinematographer Sigurður Sverrir Pálsson Honored at Stockfish

One of Stockfish’s guests of honour is cinematographer Sigurður Sverrir Pálsson. For every festival we will have a retrospective on some Icelandic filmmaker and Sigurður Sverrir is an ideal candidate to start this series off.

Sigurður Sverrir will discuss his work and answer questions after screenings of three of his films. The films are Land and Sons (1980), Tears of Stone (1995) and Cold Light (2004). Filmmaker and editor Ásgrímur Sverrisson will moderate.

Sigurður Sverrir studied philosophy at the University of Iceland and then filmmaking with a special emphasis on cinematography at the London School of Film Technique, where he graduated in 1969. He then started working for the National Television (at the time the only television station in Iceland) and worked there for years as a cinematographer, editor and upptökustjóri. He also wrote about films for the Morgunblaðið daily for years.

In 1977 hef formed the production company Lifandi myndir (Living Images) with fellow filmmakers Erlendur Sveinsson and Þórarinn Guðnason. Together they have worked on numerous documentaries, among them Iceland – A History of Fishing, The Icelandic Herring Industry, Centuries of Salted Fish and Iceland’s Thousand Years, who all deal with the history of Icelandic fisheries. They also worked together on Dream About the Road, a five-part nine hour documentary about legendary author Thor Vilhjálmsson walk down St. James Way in northern Spain in 2005, the year the recently deceased Vilhjálmsson turned 80

No other Icelandic cinematographer has shot as many features as Sigurður Sverrir, who has been the DOP at fifteen feature films, among them Dot Dot Comma Dash, The Outlaw, The Beast, Remote Control, Benjamin Dove and Ikingut.

Sigurður Sverrir has received numerous awards for his work, both at home and abroad, among them the Edda for Cinematography in 2004 for Cold Light.

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