The guests at Stockfish Film Festival 2018 will be announced later.

Guests from all over the world and from various sections of the film industry were guests at Stockfish 2017. Here is an overview of selected guests.



Alain Guiraudie

The French director and screenwriter Alain Guiraudie will be an honorary guest in this year’s festival. He has won the ‘Queer Palm’ award in Cannes and his films are usually LGBT-related and include stories about sexuality, love and passion. Mr. Guiraudie and his films have been nominated and won multiple awards, including an award for best direction in the ‘Un Certain Regard’ category at Cannes for his film Stranger by the Lake (2013). His newest film Staying Vertical (2016) was nominated within ‘Palme d’Or’ at Cannes last year. Both of these films will be screened at the festival and his older film King of Escape (2009) as well. Mr. Guiraudie will attend Q&A screenings of his films.



Rajko Grlić is a Croatian film director. After directing numerous short films and TV movies he directed his feature debut, Whichever Way the Ball Bounces, in 1974. His next film, Bravo Maestro, was screened in competition in Cannes and since then he has directed twelve movies. During the Croatian War of Independence Grlić moved to the US but has since been back and is now the artistic director of the Motovun Film Festival in Croatia. His newest film, The Constitution, will be screened at the festival along with two of his other films; Just Between Us and The Border PostRajko will be present during Q&A screenings of his films.



Ulrike Haage, a composer, pianist, producer for radio plays and a sound artist is one of the festival’s guest this year. She is one of the most multifaceted artists in Germany today and has released four albums since 2004 that all shift between Jazz, Avantgarde and classical music. She has also worked a lot with artists in other genres, for example film makers. Ulrike’s soundtracks for the documentaries Zwiebelfische, Gold Rush, Meret Oppenheim, The Lost M, as well as the music for Doris Dörrie’s movie Fukushima, mon amour (which will be screened at the festival) are all characterised by an almost imperceptible fusion with the visual. After a screening of the film, Ulrike will play a concert at The Green Room where she’ll perform excerps from the music in the film and some new material.



The swede Måns Mårlind is a scriptwriter and a director and has in addition to directing films been very successful in television in the past few years. He is one of the script writer of The Bridge and most recently Midnight Sun, which he wrote and directed with his colleague Björn Stein. Mr. Mårlind will jumpstart the festival with a masterclass on the opening day of the festival where he’ll among other things go over his career, the work process as a scriptwriter and share his experience of his work in TV and film.



Damjan Kozole is an award-winning Slovenian director. He won the Best Director prize at last year’s Karlovy Vary International Film Festival for his film Nightlife, which is screened at the festival. He was only twenty-two when he directed his debut film, The Fatal Telephone Call, about two young men trying to direct a film. The film is by some considered the first independent film to come out of what was then Yugoslavia. After the Balkan wars ended he directed Porno Movie, where his characters attempt to make the first Slovenian porno, and in 2003 he his film Spare Parts won the main award at the Sarajevo Film Festival. It tells the story of a man who transports illegal immigrants from Croatia and Slovenia to Italy. Finally he directed Call Girl, about a Slovenian girl studying English in Ljubljana and supporting herself through prostitution. Kozole will be present during two Q&A screening of his film.



Rebecca O’Brien has been an independent film producer for twenty years but started her film life working at the Edinburgh Film Festival. She produces most of Ken Loach’s films, including I, Daniel Blake which is screened at the festival. Of the thirteen films by Ken Loach that have competed in Cannes, Rebecca produced twelve of them. She and mr. Loach are co-owners of the production company Sixteen Films, which they established in 2002.
She has sat on various film industry boards including PACT, The UK Film Council and South West Screen. She is currently a member of the Film Industry Training Board, the British Screen Advisory Council and the Board of the European Film Academy.
Rebecca will be present during two Q&A screenings of Nightlife.