More films announced for Stockfish Film Festival 2016

We are pleased to announce more films that will be screened at Stockfish in February. The Norwegian director Iram Haq will be a guest at this year’s festival and her film I am yours will be screened.The film was selected as the Norwegian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards in 2014. The married couple Asier Altuna and Marian Fernandez will also be guests at the festival and a film they worked on together, When a Tree Falls, will be screened. Asier directed the film and Marian produced it. All of these guests will be present during Q&A screenings of their films.

Short descriptions

I Am Yours // Jeg er din  (2013) – Norway


Mina is a single mother in her twenties, looking for love in Oslo. She falls in love with a Swedish filmmaker and has other casual relationships, none of which pleases her Pakistani mother much. Her complicated relationship to her Muslim heritage proves a difficult mix for Mina, who prefers the life of a sexually adventurous western girl.


When a Tree Falls // Amama (2015) – Spain


If a tree falls in the woods, will the family of the man who chopped it down fall with it? Three giant trees are symbols for the three children of a Basque family of farmers. This is a tale of three generations; the wise and quiet Amama (Grandmother), the hot-headed, conservative and stubborn father and his quiet yet ultimately persistent wife, and the children who attempt to break away from it all.


The Witch (2015) – USA


A Puritanian family in 1630s New England lives on the edge of woodland. After their infant son disappears their daughter turns out to be a witch and the family is torn apart by black magic and religious hysteria.


The Blue Room // La Chambre Bleu (2014) – France


Julien (Mathieu Amalric) and Esther (Stéphanie Cléau) are having a passionate affair. We meet them in a hotel room at the beginning of the film – and in the next scene Julien is being interrogated about the affair, and something more seems to be at stake than just a court battle over a divorce. But before we learn more, we are transported back to the hotel room with the doomed lovers – and we still don‘t know why this became a legal matter. Yet little by little the plot unravels – but will we ever know what really happened?


Flowers // Loreak (2015) – Spain


Ane’s life changes when a bouquet of flowers is delivered to her house every week, always anonymously; just after the doctor told her she has started menopause at an unusually young age. Tera has just lost her son and Lourdes has lost her husband, but flowers are put on the roadside where he died every week by a stranger. Three women deal with loss, each in their own way, but somehow those mysterious flowers connect them all – but will the flowers help them or hinder them in dealing with their sorrow?


Letter to the King // Brev til Kongen (2014) – Norway


Mizra is 83 years old and wants a passport so he can go back to Kurdistan to bury his ten children. He‘s tried everything and his last resort is to write a letter to King Harald. A poetic and tragic letter, full of wisdom and sorrow, is our guide into the lives of six refugees on a day trip to Oslo.


This year five Estonian and five Polish films will also bee screened. Their representative, either the director or producer, will be present during a Q&A screening of the films.