Shortfish 2016 Now Open for Applications

Shortfish – Stockfish Film Festival’s short film competition is now open for 2016 submissions.

Foxes - Sigurmynd Sprettfisksins 2015

The short Foxes is the winner of Shortfish 2015. It is directed by Mikel Gurrea and produced by Eva Sigurðardóttir and Askja Films. Foxes is a film about a young real estate agent in rainy London, who needs to take care of his ten year old son as he tries to close a big sale.

The criteria for submission is the following:

  • Maximum length is 30 minutes.
  • The film’s production needs to finish in less than 12 months prior to Stockfish Film Festival (February 18th 2016). That means production cannot have ended before February 18th 2015.
  • The films needs to be directed and/or produced by Icelandic citizens.
  • The films may not have been screened at other festivals in Iceland prior to Stockfish Film Festival. This only applies to Icelandic festivals and cinemas and an exception is made if the screening is a part of an official educational class (such as screenings in film making classes).

The deadline is January 10th 2016. A special committee will review the submissions.

Five films will be screened at Stockfish Film Festival, one of which will be awarded the Shortfish 2016 prize.

Please send the submissions to