Shortfish 2017 open for submissions

kuklShortfish is Stockfish’s short film competition. The festival has opened for submissions to participate in the competition for Shortfish 2017. The winner will be awarded with 1 million kr. in equipment rental with Kukl in addition to the title Shortfish 2017.

The films can not be longer than 30 minutes and have to be less than 1 years old. The films can not have been screened publicly before in Iceland and will therefore be premiered in Iceland at the festival.

Only Icelandic short films will be accepted, that is, the films have to have either an Icelandic director and/or producer.

The deadline is January 19th. Five to six films will be selected for screening at the festival and will compete for the price and the title Shortfish 2017.

All submissions should be sent to shorts@stockfishfestival.iwith the following information:
Name of the film (in original language and English)
Short synopsis
Link to the film (and password if needed)
Contact information (e-mail and phone number)