Sunday Program and Other Announcements

The program for Sunday has now been set in stone. On the program there were a few TBA slots available on the Sunday night for films which have been especially popular and much discussed and now we have chosen films for these slots. The program for Sunday night for these slots now looks like this:

Blind at 20:00 in room nr. 1

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night at 20:00 in room nr. 3

What We Do in the Shadows at 22:00 in room nr. 1

Two Men in Town at 22:30 in room nr. 2

In the Basement at 22:00 in room nr. 3

We would also like to point out that the film Tangerines will not screen at 22:30 in room nr. 2 tonight, Saturday the 28th of February but instead we will screen In the Basement. The reason for all the screenings of Tangerines having been cancelled is that the copy of the film got los in transit on its way to Iceland and wasn’t found again soon enough to get to the country in time for the screenings. We of course apologize for that and will make up for that by having extra screenings of it soon after the festival. Everyone who owns a festival pass or coupon card can show it in the ticket booth to get a ticket for these screening but we will make an announcement about them as it draws closer.