Concert: Ulrike Haage

Where: Græna Herbergið, Lækjargötu 6a, 101 Reykjavík
When: Miðvikudaginn 1. mars, kl 21:00

ULRIKE_HAAGE_credit_Thomas_NitzUlrike Haage, a composer, pianist, producer for radio plays and a sound artist is one of the most multifaceted artists in Germany today. She composes and directs contemporary works for film and radio, among other things. She composed the music for Doris Dörrie’s newest film Fukushima, mon amour, which will be screened at Stockfish Film Festival this year.
After a screening of the film, Ulrike will play a concert in collaboration with Goethe-Institut at The Green Room where she’ll perform excerps from the music in the film and some new material.

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Trailer Fukushima, mon amour



Press review:
„Ulrike Haage is constantly redefining her music and her way of composing and creating in order to invent a new writing each time.“

„An adjective stands out: eclectic. Then, others come to mind; still, light, crystalline.“

„Ulrike Haage proves herself once more to be an extraordinary sound architect. Every single tone and sound possesses meaning, every moment of suspension integrates into the structure, every song is a piece of art.“

„Ulrike Haage is a musician who creates maximum mood with the minimum of notes.“