MEDIA-talk with Martina Petrovic

Iceland and Croatia – Our Film Success Stories! 

Wednesday March 6th

Bíó Paradís – Room 2


The CED – MEDIA Office Croatia, in collaboration with the Icelandic Film Centre, Stockfish
Film Festival (Reykjavik) and the Icelandic MEDIA Office, on 6 March 2019, is organising joint event focusing on the Icelandic and Croatian success stories.
Iceland and Croatia are two countries given the chance to play the fictional geography of
HBO’s famous serial Game of Thrones. Although it seems at first sight that this is the only
cinematic connection between these two very distant countries, many segments of our
national cinemas coincide and open a space for a discussion about industry challenges and
Iceland, as one of the smallest members of the MEDIA Sub-programme, every year from its
position of a low production capacity country nevertheless manages to score significant
results. Despite a small industry, isolated geographic position and small population, since
2014 Iceland has been producing on average seven feature films annually, and since that year
Icelandic beneficiaries have drawn over three million euro of grants from the MEDIA Sub-
Very quickly after becoming the member of the MEDIA sub-programme (in 2008), Croatia
managed to position and impose itself in relation to other member states with its good results
within single project development and festival schemes. From 2014 until today, Croatian
beneficiaries secured a total amount of 3,3 million euro of grants despite the extremely high
criteria while meeting certain guidelines of specific calls for proposals.
In the context of the obstacles both Icelandic and Croatian applicants meet, we will discuss
the challenges of open calls for countries that share a ‘small language’, limited territory and
unfavourable production conditions. Also, on the examples of hit films and TV series we will
examine potential routes to collaboration.


50 % attendance increase at Stockfish this year!

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