Screening: March 8th, kl 18
Free entry

Örvarpið is a platform for Icelandic microfilms and is intended for everyone with interest in film art and other art forms – experienced and inexperienced people, young and old.

In the fall of 2017 a committee consisting of Eva Sigurðardóttir and Sindri Bergmann, chose 10 projects to be screened on RÚV’s homepage (The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service). These projects are screened at Stockfish and Örvarpinn (Örvarpið’s prize) will be awarded for the best project during Stockfish’s closing ceremony, Saturday March 10th.

The selection of the winning microfilm is carried out through an audience-election on Örvarpið’s webpage: www.ruv.is/orvarpid

These project are participating in the competition and will be screened at the festival:

Author: Magnea B. Valdimarsdóttir

Author: Árni Þór Guðjónsson

Soft sticks, microfilm
Author: Katla Sólnes

Engin Vitnimicrofilm
Author: Logi Sigursveinsson

Úrsúla Undonesurreal microfilm
Author: Ingunn Mía Blöndal s

Stuck in a Boxmicrofilm
Author: Einar Pétursson

Hide and Seek, microfilm
Author: Dagur B. Reynisson

Heim, minute-film
Author: Björn Rúnarsson

Author: Viðar Kristjánsson

Beat Silent Needmusic video
Author: Hannes Þór Arason


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