Q&A screenings are film screenings where a representative from the movie attends the screening and answers questions from the audience afterwards. These screenings give a unique opportunity to get to know the process of filmmaking and the background, process and more about said film. The representatives come from different fields of filmmaking; directors, producers, actors and DOP’s.

Here is a list of Q&A screenings taking place at the festival this year (may be subjected to chance).

FRIDAY march 2nd
Kl 18:00 – An Ordinary Man
Kl 20:15 – What Will People Say?

SATURDAY march 3rd
Kl 20:00 – What Will People Say?

TUESDAY march 6th
Kl 18:00 – Communion
Kl 20:00 – Shortfish

WEDNESDAY march 7th
Kl 18:00 – Communion
Kl 20:00 – November

THURSDAY march 8th
Kl 20:00 – Sprettfiskur

FRIDAY march 9th
Kl 18:00 – November

SATURDAY march 10th
Kl 20:00 – Spoor

SUNDAY march 11th
Kl 20:00 – Spoor


Nordic Doc-feast at Stockfish!

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From Cannes to Stockfish!

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Physical Cinema Festival at Stockfish!

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