Foreign Press

Foreign press

Among the festival guests is the foreign press, and their presence at the festival is very important, not only for the festival but for the film makers who participate or screen their work at the festival. With them a great opportunity arises for the film makers to make a name for themselves and their work internationally. Many foreign press people are expected at the festival and as of yet, these journalists are confirmed;

Tara Karajica 
Founder and editor in Chief of The Film Prospector and a freelance journalist..

Karajica is an Italian journalist that lives and works in Serbia. She knows the world of film festival by first hand as she has worked for a few of them, including as a film programmer at World of Film International Festival Glasgow. Karajica writes about films and filmmaking for many media outlets in addition to her own, including Cinema Scandinavia, Variety, Tess Magazine, Go Film, Accréds, Sidneybuzz, AltCine, The Kinecko, Screen International, Indiewire and many more.



David Jenkins 
Editor of Little White Lies

David Jenkins is the editor of Little White Lies, a bi-monthly movie magazine powered by illustration which has just reached its 73rd issue. He worked as a film critic for Time Out London prior joining the LWL staff and has written on film for Sight & Sound, The Guardian, FIPRESCI, Montages, MUBI and various other outlets. He is also co-editor of the Faber & Faber book, What I Love About Movies.



Marina Richter
Journalist, Film Critic and Press Officer

Richter writes about foreign culture for the oldest and most influential newspaper in Eastern Europe, Politika as well as the Croatian magazine Monitor. Richter lives and works in Vienna but has a special interest in Scandinavian films since she has a Masters Degree in Scandinavian studies from the University of Vienna.


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