Communion // Komunia


Dagskrá kynnt síðar

  • Tegund: Documentary
  • Leikstjóri: Anna Zamecka
  • Ár: 2016
  • Lengd: 1h12min
  • Land: Poland

Childish adults burden children with adult responsibilities in Anna Zamecka’s compelling Polish documentary.

‘Communion’ reveals the beauty of the rejected, the strength of the weak and the need for change when change seems impossible. This crash course in growing up teaches us that no failure is final. Especially when love is in question. Ola a fourteen-year-old girl has too much on her plate taking care of her father Marek and her autistic brother Nikode. She is the cook, cleaner, nag and appointment-keeper for not only her father but also her brother. The viewer gets the unique chance to follow her hard life taking care of her family while her mother with her newborn seems to live somewhere else but might come back to them.


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