Maj Doris


Dagskrá kynnt síðar

  • Tegund: Documentary
  • Leikstjóri: Jon Blahed
  • Ár: 2018
  • Lengd: 73
  • Land: Sweden

In this beautifully composed documentary, we first see an eccentric old woman taking care of a herd of reindeer in the northern part of Sweden. Gradually, it becomes clear that this wise and highly charismatic person is Sami actress and artist Maj Doris, a folk legend who has traveled all over the world to promote the cultural legacy of her people. It’s a contemplative and multifaceted film that explores topics such as the preservation of indigenous cultures, strong artistic women and the complexities of being a role model.

Gothenburg Film Festival 2018 (in competition), Tempo Documentary Festival 2018 (in competition), CPH:DOX 2018 (in competition), Maoriland Film Festival 2018, Full Frame Documentary Film Festival 2018 (in competition), Hot Docs 2018, Documentarist Istanbul 2018, EBS International Documentary Festival 2018 (in competition), Prix Europa Festival 2018 (in competition), Lübeck Nordic Film Days 2018 (in competition), Umeå European Film Festival 2018, Available Light Film Festival (2019), Vicoria Film Festival (2019).

It’ll leave you wanting to jump on a plane to travel north, as well as hoping you’re as cool as Maj Doris when you’re 75.” – Emma Vestrheim,


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