Stockfish and Eye on Films in Cooperation

Two of the films at the Stockfish European Film Festival are screened in cooperation with the distribution company Eye on Films which specialises in spotlighting promising young filmmakers and only distributes the first or second films of directors.

Stockfish proudly presents the films The Man in the Orange Jacket from Latvia and Field of Dogs from Poland which are both distributed by Eye on Films. Aside from screening the film representatives of both of them will be present, Aik Karapetian director of The Man in the Orange Jacket and Michal Tatarek, the lead actor of Field of Dogs. Karapetian will be present at two Q&A screening for his film, on Friday the 27th of February at 20:30 and Saturday the 28th of February at 20:00 and Tatarek will be present at one Q&A screening for Field of Dogs on Wednesday the 25th of February at 20:30.


50 % attendance increase at Stockfish this year!

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