The first films and guest announced!

Stockfish Film Festival announces the first films and guest for this year’s edition!

Among films screened at the festival is Loveless. It is described as an eerie thriller of hypnotic, mysterious intensity from the director Andrey Zvyaginstev, who also directed the film Leviathan. Loveless won the Jury price in Cannes, is the current Russia’s Oscar entry and was nominated for Golden Globe.

The director Iram Haq will be a guest at Stockfish Film Festival for the second time, now with her newest film What will people say?  which was premiered at Toronto Film Festival last September. The film is nominated for the Dragon Award at the Gothenburg Film Festival and therefore competing for the largest film cash prize in the world. Her first feature film, I am yours, was also premiered at Toronto Film Festival, in the year 2013. The film was also Norway’s contribution to the Oscars and has won many awards world-wide.

Here you can see a summary of the films being announced now;

Loveless (Nelyubov)
Another masterpiece from russian director Andrei Zvyagintsev in this apocalyptic study of a failed marriage and the subsequent disappearance of a child.

Zhenya and Boris are going through a vicious divorce marked by resentment, frustration and recriminations. Already embarking on new lives, each with a new partner, they are impatient to start again, to turn the page – even if it means threatening to abandon their 12-year-old son Alyosha. Until, after witnessing one of their fights, Alyosha disappears…


What will people say? (Hva vil folk si)
A Norwegian teen clashes with the traditional values of her Pakistani émigré parents in this compelling coming-of-ager.

Sixteen year-old Nisha lives a double life. At home with her family she is the perfect Pakistani daughter, but when out with her friends, she is a normal Norwegian teenager. When her father catches her in bed with her boyfriend, Nisha’s two worlds brutally collide.


Communion (Komunia) – Documentary
Childish adults burden children with adult responsibilities in Anna Zamecka’s compelling Polish documentary.

‘Communion’ reveals the beauty of the rejected, the strength of the weak and the need for change when change seems impossible. This crash course in growing up teaches us that no failure is final. Especially when love is in question. Ola a fourteen-year-old girl has too much on her plate taking care of her father Marek and her autistic brother Nikode. She is the cook, cleaner, nag and appointment-keeper for not only her father but also her brother. The viewer gets the unique chance to follow her hard life taking care of her family while her mother with her newborn seems to live somewhere else but might come back to them.


The golden dawn girls – Documentary
“Whatever has happened to Greece?” wonders filmmaker Håvard Bustnes out loud in his latest documentary.

In recent years, its image as a country of sunny beaches and friendly people has been overshadowed by political ideologies that are terrifyingly close to Nazism. With many prominent members of the far-right Golden Dawn party now behind bars, a daughter, a wife and a mother continue to propagate its message – and all three of them are seasoned enough to avoid any slips of the tongue during interviews. But while they regularly stop the interview to make sure it went as they want, Bustnes just leaves the camera running.



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