A Canadian Heritage Minute on Ayahuasca!


“The Twentieth Century” is a Canadian comedy drama by Matthew Rankin who writes the script and directs his feature debut. The film has garnered awards and nominations and is full of madness and clever satire. “The Twentieth Century” is definitely worth watching on the big screen with a fun crowd, as is expected from “Midnight Madness” at Stockfish.

The setting is Toronto in 1899. Mackenzie King, a young and aspiring politician, dreams of becoming the Prime Minister of Canada. But King furtively indulges a fetishistic obsession that may well be his downfall.

The film is neither a realistic nor an accurate description of the history of Canada. It mixes real history and fantasy in a stylized manner mostly based on deliberately unrealistic sets influenced by German expressionism, war propaganda films and melodramas of the 1940s. Rankin described the film himself as “one part Canadian Heritage Minute and one part Ayahuasca Death Trip”

Only two screenings at Stockfish!