A son directs his father in a film based on his fathers life.


To escape his alcoholism and the crisis in Venezuela, Roque retreats into the Amazon jungle to renovate a cabin that he built during more happier times. He meets up with old friends in the jungle but his intensions are transformed by the lure of gold as he starts struggling with feverish visions caused by alcohol abstinence.

“La Fortaleza”, is based on the true story of the filmmaker’s father who also stars in the film as himself. The film has received all together 10 wins and 15 nominations. It won best film at Nador Cinema Festival and Rome Independent Film Festival. The film has been called a powerful metaphor of Venezuela. The performances in the movie are raw and most of the actors are non-professional. It’s a  radical and powerful film that demands to be seen.

“I do feel strongly about these abuses of Venezuela, by outsiders and by ourselves.” says Jorge Thielen Armand, the director of the movie in an interview with iffr.com. “And the mines where I filmed were real. At the same time, I’d like viewers to not always immediately know if something might be a dream or not; if something is reality or fiction. It’s related to the magic realism of Venezuela. There can suddenly be a horse standing in your garden, in the middle of a city, as in “La Soledad” ( The director’s previous movie). Those things really do happen there.”

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