Announcement due to COVID-19 and restrictions on gatherings! – Update


Dear guests and co-operators of Stockfish Festival

As an official prohibition of public gatherings has been announced due to the COVID-19, Stockfish Festival and Bíó Paradís have made appropriate arrangements during this period.

Scheduled screenings will not be changed but number of tickets for sale have been decreased down to a number that allows 2 meters distance in all areas of the cinema.

Seats have been specially marked so it’s easier for people to make sure they can allow recommended distance between themselves and others during screenings.

We understand that people living together would like to come and sit together so we trust people show responsibility and take good care when it comes to these matters.

Areas in front of the cinema, the refreshment desk has been specially marked and we’d like to ask people to take special care when it comes to positioning themselves and keep good distance between each other. It’s specially recommended during these strange times that people buy their tickets online.

Sanitisers are available with easy access through out the cinema and surfaces are cleaned every hour during opening hours. Seats are cleaned in between screenings.

People will be counted into each room and the number of people in the hall will be controlled.

Let’s remember we all need to be responsible and take good care and caution as we don’t want to spread anything on to others.

Have a good time during sceenings and thank you for your patience during these strange times!