Award-Winning Documentaries at Stockfish – Nordisk Panorama Focus!


And now something for the documentary fans. Three award winning docs from last year’s Nordisk Panorama screened at Stockfish followed by Q&A’s with two directors and one producer of the films. The filmmakers will also participate in a Nordic Documentary Panel at Stockfish moderated by a representative from Nordisk Panorama.

Q’s Barbershop

The opening film of Nordisk Panorama 2019 Q’s Barbershop was quite the hit with it’s audience in Malmo last year. The film follows Q a barber that runs a barbershop in Vollsmose who became a bit of a star at the festival. In the film the audience gets a sneak peak into the community that has formed around the barber as his clients. They look to Q not only for a cool haircut, but also to get advice on any problem they may face. The director, Emil Langballe will answer questions from the audience after the screening. The film has received four nominations as best documentary at The Danish Film Awards, Nordisk Panorama, Oslo Pix and CPH:DOX.

Humanity on Trial

Humanity on Trial won the Nordisk Panorama audience award. The film follows a young Dane, Salam Aldeen, who goes to Greece along with others to rescue refugees crossing the ocean. One night he gets arrested while looking for a family who’s lost at sea. Accused of human smuggling, he might end up serving life in a Greek prison.

Lindy the Return of Little Light

The third and final film won Best New Nordic Voice last year and the producer China Åhlander will accompany us in the Q&A afterwards. The film is directed by Ida Persson Lännerberg and follows an artist that has always had a hard time fitting in. He fled into a fantasy world as a child where he was the super hero Little Light – a boy who could spread light across the world. 

Today, acclaimed and loved for his interpretations, he’s asked by a theater in Berlin to get up on stage as himself to tell his story. But can he do that without harming his loved ones?