A few years from now…
Bacurau, a small village in the Brazilian sertão, mourns the loss of its matriarch, Carmelita, who lived to be 94. Days later, its inhabitants notice that their community has vanished from most maps.

Bacurau is co written and directed by Kleber Mendonça Filho and Juliano Dornelles but the idea for the film and the co-operation came about at in 2009 at Brasilia Film Festival. The film is well received by audience all over the world and won the Jury Prize at Cannes Film Festival last year and Best international film at ARRI/Osram award. 


“It is a really strange film, beginning in a kind of ethno-anthropology and documentary style, becoming a poisoned-herd parable or fever dream and then a Jacobean-style bloodbath. It is an utterly distinctive film-making, executed with ruthless clarity and force.”

-The Guardian

“The light touches of science fiction evoke present-day depravities, and the vision of local unity offers a thrillingly imaginative playbook for resistance.”

-Richard Brody, New Yorker

“Survival classic The Most Dangerous Game gets a nod from this thriller by Kleber Mendonca Filho (Neighboring Sounds) and Juliano Dornelles, and so does the sci-fi horror genre.”

-Peter Howell, Toronto Star



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Genre: Drama, Mystery

Director: Juliano Dornelles, Kleber Mendonça Filho

Year: 2019

Length: 132 minutes

Country of Origin: Brasil