Director convicted for “propaganda against the regime”.


Under the current regime in Iran, every male is obligated to perform two years of military service. Without fulfilling the obligation, they will not have many basic rights in society nor a passport to be able to travel freely around the world. Penalty of death is also known to be used excessively by the regime for many different crimes as well as a way to suppress any political opposition.

“There is no Evil”  explores these themes and how they intertwine in a powerful way with four short stories. The four stories deal with four Iranian men who each present a different perspective on the matter. A family drama, centered on the father of the family, a new soldier who realizes he will have to go against his morals if he is to fulfill his duties, another soldier on leave who must face his fiancée and his own deeds and finally a story of a self-exiled couple and their niece visiting from Germany.

“There is no Evil” won the Golden Berlin Bear in 2020. Mohammad Rasoulof the director and the producer of the film could not attend the award ceremony. On march 4th 2020, Rasoulof was sentenced to one year in prison for three of his movies, which were creating “propaganda against the system.” Following the advice of his lawyers, he did not comply with the order. The verdict also included a ban on making films for two years.

“These stories are not about execution. I wanted to focus on the question of responsible actions with regard to whether one obeys or disobeys the orders of a totalitarian power. The main idea was to create a complex situation in which one can see the confrontation between two contradicting social values against the background of a totalitarian government” – Rasoulof with

The film is screened at Stockfish!