Director Karim Aïnouz – guest at Stockfish with his award-winning film, Invisible Life!


Stockfish is proud to announce that the award-winning director, visual artist and screen-writer Karim Aïnouz will be a guest at the festival this year. His film, Invisible Life, has received 26 nominations and 14 awards, including top prize in the Un Certain Regard section at last year’s Cannes Film Festival.

Invisible life is an adaption of the novel “The Invisible Life of Eurídice Gusmão” by Martha Batalha about the bond between two sisters who are forced apart by their father. They seek to find each other again, thinking they live in separate continents, while in fact co-existing in the same city.

The book was given to mr. Aïnouz the same year his mother would have turned 90 years old just like the main character, Eurídice, and it touched him on a deep personal level. In an interview with Variety last year, mr. Aïnouz explains:

“it would be so important if people who met my mother knew what she had to go through. Both of them worked, my grandmother and my mother. When I read the book, I felt, wow, finally somebody is talking about what it was like to be a woman at that time in Brazil, but also in the world. Adapting the book, I realized I could pay homage not only to my mother, but also to her generation.”

The film has had phenomenal reception, both by audiences and juries worldwide, for its empathetic interpretation of the two female characters and what they go through.