Everything from brutality to beauty.


Beginning is a Georgian-French drama set in a jaded town near Tbilisi, Georgia, where a group of extremists set buildings on fire. The film explores the passage where God demands unfaltering faith from Abraham by asking him to murder his own child. The protagonist is a former actress who has become a shadow of herself by the domestic tyranny held by her husband. It plays with the emotions of having had enough yet being numb – making the film delicate yet brutal. Shot in luminous 35 mm long takes. Stunning cinematography where the camera is let to explore the bridge between isolation and longing.

Dea Kulumbegashvili is an up-and-coming female director whose future work we can‘t wait to follow. Beginnings being her first feature length film, her short films; Invisible Spaces and Léthé, also examine the intensity of human emotion, especially if they have been bottled up. Beginnings, whose original working title was Naked Sky, has everything from brutality to beauty, a truly wonderful piece.

„It can be hard to divine much of a difference between beginnings and endings, but there’s no mistaking the savage grace with which Kulumbegashvili blurs them together until they’re one and the same. In their own (very different) ways, both Yana and Kulumbegashvili ultimately express the limitlessness of their potential.“ – Indie Wire by David Ehrlich

„It is co-produced by the Mexican film-maker Carlos Reygadas, whose influence is very apparent.“ – The Guardian by Peter Bradshaw

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