H.P. Lovecraft and Nicholas Cage at Stockfish 2020!


Now here is something for Lovecraft and Nicholas Cage fans. For some this goes together, others not so much but undeniably both Lovecraft and Cage have their own devoted fan base. Color Out of Space with Nicholas Cage as the lead will be our special Midnight Madness screening at Stockfish Festival on Friday the 13th of March.

Richard Stanley returns with the film Color out of Space after two decades but his last film was the cyberpunk debut “Hardware” that came out in 1990. He grew up in South Africa and learned to love Lovecrafts work when his mother read his stories to him as a child. He was specifically fond of Color out of Space but strangely Color out of Space is said to be the cult writer favourite out of the many short stories he has written. In an interview with Los Angeles Times Stanley says:

““I was a lonely, creepy kid who spent most of my time doing crayon drawings of monsters,” Stanley said with a smile. In that childhood, he says, the fantastic was an escape and a way to deal with the discord in his parents’ relationship. Years later, “Color Out of Space” would serve a similar purpose.”

Stanley wrote the adaptation of the screenplay himself along with a co-writer Scarlett Amaris and together they decided to set the story in modern days rather then the time the original story is set in. As such it doesn’t seem to disappoint Lovecraft fans as it was both chosen Best Film as well as winning the Audience Choice at a special Lovecraft Film Festival last year.

In short for those who have not read the book the story is about the Gardner family who moves to the country side to escape modern distraction and city hassle. However their rural reality becomes anything but after their land gets hit by a meteorite changing their lives into a living colourful nightmare.

Don’t let this one pass you by as there will only be one screening at 11PM on Friday the 13th of March. Tickets are now available on Tix !