International premiere – A Fire In The Cold Season – Q&A


Director Justin Oakey will join us at Stockfish for the international premiere of his film A Fire in the Cold Season. Oakey has directed a few shorts and now premieres his second feature film after his debut feature Riverhead (2016).

A Fire in the Cold Season follows similar themes as his previous films, that is the everyday life in Newfoundland with a hint of drama and mystery. In his newest film Oakey once again shows the darker side of the small island community, this time with more of a “hunter and prey” approach.

A reclusive trapper by the name of Scott (Stephen Oates) sees himself thrown into an unexpected situation when a dead body is found on the side of a river. The event unites him with Mona (Michaela Kurimsky), a young and strong-willed mother-to-be.

Soon they come to depend on one another as they get dragged into a reality of violence and are hunted down by outlaws. The movie is reminiscent of Cormac McCarthy’s western narratives (No Country for Old Men, The Road, Blood Meridian, The Counselor), with a realistic, heavy paced mood where nothing is certain but the promise of despair in a violent world. The film’s score is composed by Mat McNerney and Kimmo Helen of the Finnish folk band Hexvessel.

Justin Oakey has been in love with storytelling since childhood, but decided to follow the path of film making after being inspired by a few high-school video projects. When working on films set in Newfoundland, such as A Fire in the Cold Season, Justin Oakey tends to portray the island as realistically as possible, taking inspiration from people close to him as he inserts cinematic narrative elements into the picture.

An international premiere of A Fire in a Cold Season in Iceland is fitting due to the unique cultural similarities between the two islands. Iceland and Newfoundland are both of similar size and population and have had to learn to coexist with harsh climates and work with nature to create a sustainable way of life. Sometimes the harshness of the weather can seep into the society, as Oakey portrays in his films. The director will be present at the premiere and will answer questions from the audience after the screening, a unique opportunity for film enthusiasts and fans of his work alike.

A Fire in the Cold Season is bound to deliver a thrilling experience to the audience. Tickets now on sale at