World premiere at Stockfish – Just like a Painting by Eggert Pétursson.


An Icelandic documentary premiering now at Stockfish. The director Gunnlaugur Þór Pálsson will be attending and participate in Q&A afterwards. 

The film is about Eggert Pétursson and his works, but he is a leading figure of the country’s contemporary art scene. Eggert describes his own works and creative process which is heavily inspired by Icelandic nature. The audience is also guided by the narration of Þóra Ellen Þórhallsdóttir, a botanist, who entwines the elements of Icelandic nature with our experience of Eggert’s paintings. In an interview with RÚV about an exhibition of his in 2017, Eggert says:

“There is no one right way of understanding the painting, you look at it in time. There are so many details, you never see just the one painting, you always have to reapproach it and discover something new. It’s the same with nature, the main difference of course is that this is handmade nature, which is not real.”

Not only does the film portray visual beauty in the form of nature and paintings but music has also a big part to play. Atli Örvarsson writes the music for the film as well as Sin Fang. Among tracks Atli has written for films are: Rams and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, as well as tv series The Lava Field and Law & Order: LA, just to name a few. While Sin Fang released a new album last year by the name Sad Party.