Little Kingdom – Internationally premiered at Stockfish! Slovakian and Icelandic production.


Little Kingdom will be internationally premiered at Stockfish on the 12th of April. The film is a co production of Slovakia and the Icelandic film production Loki Film owned by Sæmundur Norðfjörð. The music in the film is composed by Valgeir Sigurðsson. 

Little Kingdom is a romantic period drama inspired by the Slovak theatrical performance of Debris Company’s Epic.The film enacts a timeless wartime story where the main characters – played by an up-and-coming international cast – find themselves entwined in life or death situations. The film follows two contrasting couples, two very differ-

ent versions ‘love’: Eva with Jack, and Bar with Cat. They’re all searching for happiness but each in their own ways.

The film crew consisted of people from 9 countries – Slovakia,  Iceland, UK, USA, Sweden, Croatia, Czechia, Hungary and Austria. It was decided to keep the whole story in English and thus emphasize the universality of the topic. During very demanding casting sessions. An experienced and professional cast was selected, including many British and Slovak actors, helping create a film that is both Slovak and international yet universal. We all understand love and hardship. Human nature transcends all borders and what we are capable of in order to survive. 

Icelandic composer Valgeir Sigurðsson scores the film but among his previous works when it comes to film and TV we can mention Being John Malkovitch, Dreamland and Drawing Restraint 9.