One More Jump

One More Jump – Q&A

Jehad and Abdallah, founders of the Gaza Parkour Team, brought up together in the Gaza Strip but their choices divided them for years. Today, more than ever, they need to find out if there is a way that can lead to freedom for someone who, like them, was born in prison.

The director, Emanuele Gerosa will honor us with his presence in a Q&A following the screenings of the film on March 27th & 29th. 

Emanuele Gerosa was born in 1975 in Rovereto in Italy; he graduates in Contemporary History at the University of Bologna in 2001 and in the same year he begins to work as a filmmaker. In 2015 he completes his first feature documentary Between Sisters. The film has received several awards on international film festivals including Trento Film Festival and Ismailia International Film Festival. 

Just like his first full length documentary “Between Sisters”, One More Jump is making a real splash at festivals around the world, winning many awards, making Erosa one of the most interesting documentary directors today. 

When asked about his choice of subject Gerosa has this to say: “Parkour is the sport and art of overcoming any kind of obstacles by running, jumping or using acrobatic moves and there is a close symbolic connection between parkour and the reality that people face every day in the Gaza Strip; this discipline represents a cruel and ironic allegory of how life is in the Strip.”


“…An especially significant, evocative yet never rhetorical work which demonstrates respect and sensitivity towards the painful and frustrating situation faced by these youngsters. “ Vittoria

“Equally beautiful and hopeless, One More Jump paints a bleak picture of Palestine’s future generation.” Martin LukanowAMP (

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Genre: Documentary

Director: Emanuele Gerosa

Year: 2019

Length: 83 minutes

Country of Origin: Italy/Palestine