Pinocchio nominated for two Oscars – Screened at Stockfish!


We continue to announce films for the festival that have been nominated for the Oscars. Pinocchio directed by the Italian director Matteo Garrone is the third film to receive nominations. This time it’s for costume design and hair & make up but this film is a real feast for the eyes.

It’s the classical tale of Pinocchio with a fresh approach and delivery, filmed in the beautiful scenery of Italy. Each frame has been visually thought through. When Matteo Garrone the director was asked why another Pinocchio he had this to say: 

“With this movie, I am completing my journey through the fairy-tale world that I started with Tale of Tales. I hope it’s an evolution thanks to the experience I’ve gained. But Pinocchio is different because it is a coming together of Tale of Tales with my filmography. The love I feel for Pinocchio isn’t love at first sight. It’s a character I’ve always been drawn to, and many have noticed his influence both in Gomorrah and Reality. Pinocchio is a dream of mine that goes back in time, back to when I was a child; on my desk I still have my own personal Pinocchio “story-board” that I drew and coloured in when I was a kid, and which is one of my most cherished mementos.”

Like was said before the film has been nominated for two Oscars but behind the film we already have two Oscar winners for their previous work. Two-time Academy Award® winner Mark Coulier has brought Pinocchio and his friends alive through his visionary character design, and prosthetic make-up. The other is Roberto Benigni who gained worldwide acclaim for his film Life is Beautiful, which was nominated for seven Academy Awards® winning him Best Actor, Best Foreign Language Film and Best Music Original Dramatic Score.