Promising Young Woman – Nominated for 5 Oscars and screened at Stockfish!


We continue to announce our amazing lineup this year! Promising Young Woman just received 5 Oscar nominations on top of its 171 nominations and 83 wins at other festivals. What a newcomer director, writer Emerald Fennell is! Update: The film won Oscar for Best original script.

Promising young Woman is Emerald Fennell’s first full-length feature film. Until now she’s best known as an actress. Many might know her from The Danish Girl, Anna Karenina, and BBC’s TV drama The Crown and Call The Midwife. 

Not many writers, directors can pride themselves on such a successful first picture. Those who are interested in learning more about the long list of wins and nominations can have a look here. But just this week the Oscar nominations were announced and Promising Young Woman was nominated for: best film, best leading female actress, best script, best director, and best film editing. 

The story follows a young woman, Cassie, who at first sight, leads a very simple life. Going on thirty, still living with her parents and pouring cheap coffee during the day as a waitress. This young woman is anything but a simple creature during the night. Cassie frequents the local bars and nightclubs, pretending to be dead-drunk, utterly helpless and vulnerable. And, every week, lethally beautiful Cassie is on the prowl for all sorts of nocturnal predators and other wolves in sheep’s clothing, who are unaware that, sometimes, the hunter can become the prey. Actress Calley Mulligan has already received 23 awards for her role as Cassie and like we said before was nominated as best leading actress for the Oscars this year. 

What a power girl contribution to the film industry this year. We recommend securing a ticket as limited seats are available.