Proxima is a 2019 French drama film with Eva Green and Matt Dillon, directed by Alice Winocour. The film follows the various stages in the separation of mother and daughter. Sarah, a French astronaut, is training at the European Space Agency. She is a single mother of a seven year old daughter and when she is chosen to be a part of a year long space mission it creates struggle in the mother daughter relationship. Sarah feels guilty not to be able to spend more time with her daughter and her love is overpowering and unsettling. 


“Setting her story inside the real facilities of ESA, with French astronaut Thomas Pesquet making a guest appearance, Winocour is much more concerned with space fact than with science fiction, grounding her film in a number of daunting technological realities. “

– Hollywood Reporter

“An intimate space drama that’s emotionally down-to-earth.”

-Jordan Mintzer

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Genre: Drama

Director: Alice Winocour

Year: 2019

Length: 107 Minutes

Country of Origin: France