SHORTFISH 2020 open for submissions! Stockfish & KUKL shortfilm competion


The short film competition Shortfish is now open for submissions for the 6th time. More applicants can apply this time as the Stockfish committee has decided all films publicly premiered in 2019 or later can submit.

The purpose of the competition is to allow young and upcoming film makers to showcase their work and help them grow further in the field.

Marzibil Sæmundardottir, the festival director, says that the Stockfish board wants to give more film makers an opportunity to apply for the competition without limiting their chances to take part in other festivals. ‘It’s important for aspiring film makers to be able to show their work in more then one festival. In addition we want to give the reward to the best of the best last year rather then limit the competition to films that have not been premiered before.’

Last years winner XY by Anna Katrin Larusdottir has now been invited to nine film festivals both in Iceland and abroad. The winner this year will receive 1 million Icelandic krona voucher at one of the leading film equipment rentals Kukl.

The six chosen films will travel around North America and Kanada next year with Taste of Iceland as special representatives for Iceland film industry.


The films can be no longer then 30 minutes and not been premiered before 2019. Only Icelandic films can be submitted, or films that are either directed or produced by Icelandic citizens. In addition the film needs to have English subtitles.

Please send applications to before the 20th of February. Topic: SPRETTFISKUR. Include following information:

Name of film. (Icelandic and English title)

  • Directors name
  • Producers name
  • Name of film
  • Short synopsis (in English and in Icelandic)
  • Premier date
  • Link to film with a password if needed
  • Contact information