Stockfish 2020 made it to the end in the shadow of COVID-19.


The organisers of the Stockfish Film festival want to thank everyone that either attended as a guest or helped out in anyway to make the festival possible during these strange times.

Stockfish 2020 will never be forgotten. Just before the opening on the 12th of March we where looking at an all time record in ticket sales and interest before the festival had even started. We did manage to have our opening night and receive our first scheduled guests but as soon the party was over it was quite clear that all plans needed to a adapt to the harsh reality of Covid-19 with cancelation of all industry events and foreign guests.

In spite of all restrictions and the fact that we could only open the cinema doors to very few people at a time, we decided to keep to the schedule of showing all the fabulous films the festival had to offer. At least a few people could enjoy a little change in their day with quality cinema. We are grateful for the patience and the respect our guests showed in following the rules to make this possible and thankful for the fact we could see the festival through to the end, before it wasn’t possible anymore due to further restrictions.

We are very much looking forward to organising a proper Stockfish Festival next year, the way we know it with even better films on the menu if that is even possible. Until then keep safe, stay home and nourish that joyful spirit within you even though times are hard. Here are few joyful memories from our opening party before the party was over worldwide.