The Award Winning: BACURAU and SYNONYMS at Stockfish 2020!


Bacurau won the Jury Prize at Cannes last year and Synonyms The Golden Bear at Berlin International Film Festival. Two very intriguing choices worth seeing.

Synonyms , comedy drama, directed by Nadav Lapid is a story about being pressed between two cultures. It has elements of autobiography as it is based on the director’s personal experience.

one day, as if I had heard a voice out of nowhere, like Joan of Arc or Abraham the patriarch, I realised I had to leave Israel. Leave right then, immediately and forever. Uproot myself from the country, flee, save myself from an Israeli destiny. Ten days later, I landed at Charles-de-Gaulle airport. I chose France because of my admiration for Napoleon, my passion for Zidane, and a couple of Godard movies I had seen two months earlier. I had basic French, no permit or visa, and I knew no one. But I was determined never to come back. To live and die in Paris.

Even though based on his own experience, Nadav uses the liberty of fiction and poetry to create a story with many layers, meanings and metaphors.

Bacurau , action adventure mystery, is a co-operational project between two friends, Kleber Mendonca Filho and Juliano Dornelle. The idea for the film came about when both of them where attending a film festival in Brazil eleven years ago.

at that major festival with its lavish budget, we had social contradictions before our eyes every day. Bacurau grew out of our observations, annoyance and desire to surprise people by showing this poor, remote part of the world getting revenge on people who consider them “simple,” “funny” or “fragile” when they are just as complex and interesting as everybody else.”

The two friends wanted to make a film they both wanted to see. The outcome is a gory western that takes place in the future, however the whole look of the film is very vintage. An interesting combination that becomes it’s very own.

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