THE LAST ONES – Opening film at Stockfish!


To kickstart the festival we open with the film Viimased or The Last Ones, an Estonian-Finnish drama set in a mining village in Lapland. The story follows reindeer herders and miners, struggling between their ideas and the reality of their future. Directed by Veiko Õunpuu, whos other films also explore the intensity and strangeness of human emotion, dreams and longings.

The Last Ones delves into both Laplands culture and its stunning landscape, offering the audience a rare experience, with its visual treats and different outlooks. Accompanied with a mostly electronic soundtrack, that also plays with cheesy 70s bar singalong tracks and Japanese Kabuki theatre music. It‘s an Over all beautiful film –sound, cinematography and narrative.


„Sound design works in tandem with the score, anchoring the film with a persistent seismic rumble which evokes not only the caverns blasted underground but also the sense of a way of life which is in the process of crumbling.“ – Screen Daily by Wendy Ide

„Playing with strong contrasts between a majestic landscape of tundra and mountains, and the mediocre and almost hellish life in the savage capitalism of mining, The Last Ones paints a brutal portrait of the other side of the Lapland dream, very far from the touristic cliches of snowmobile and canoe adventures.“  – Cineuropa by Fabien Lemercier

The Last Ones works as both compelling psychodrama and handsome sensory experience. Cinematographer Sten-Johan Lill paints the majestic Arctic vistas in elegantly muted autumnal colors, with sparing use of freeze-frame lending the film’s aesthetic an agreeably retro edge.“ – The Hollywood Reporter by Stephen Dalton