The life of a pioneer and an everyday hero.


The documentary “No Ordinary Man” is an in depth look at the life of musician Billy Lipton who is a cultural icon in the Trans community. Lipton lived an extraordinary life but through his life he married 5 women without any of them knowing that he was born as a female. Lipton’s story is explained by the perspective by trans artists where he is hailed as a pioneer and an everyday hero. Together, the artists join Tipton’s son Billy Jr. to reckon with a complicated and contested legacy: how do you tell the story of someone who was hiding in plain sight yet desperate to be seen?

The film is incomparable and a groundbreaking work that shows what is possible when a community collaborates to honour the legacy of a legend and a very unlikely hero.

“As a trans man interested in trans history, I’ve always been interested in who controls the story. The story of Billy Tipton’s life has always been controlled by the mainstream media. This project was an incredible opportunity to approach Tipton’s life from a trans perspective.” says Chase Joynt, the co-director of the film in an interview with

The film is screened at Stockfish!