The Rise and Fall and the second Rise of a Hip Hop artist.


From Sweden comes the gripping documentary “Yung Lean: In My Head”, which chronicles the life of the Swedish rapper Yung Lean who went viral when he released the song “Ginseng Strip 2002” on YouTube. As of April 2021 the song has already received 32 million views.

The film tells his life story, how he discovered hip hop music, his North American tour and the drug use that followed.

The film is an honest portrayal of how being famous can in some cases destroy the human soul, how to rise above it and be true to yourself. The film is directed by Henrik Burman and was nominated for best documentary at The Stockholm International Film Festival.

“It was so much fun telling the story about him, it’s like it wasn’t exhausted. He has a very consistent line in what he does in his art and in the media. He’s the same Jonathan to me, but he’s been through a lot. I’m so damn impressed with him. He is an old soul and has lived as many lives as it feels or one focused life. He still decides to go his own way.” – Henrik Burman, director in an interview with

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