Young and upcoming female directors take their place at Stockfish this year!


We wrote the other day about Emerald Fennell the young actress that is smashing it with her first full length feature Promising Young Woman screened at Stockfish. Since then she has even won an Oscar. But there are also two other young upcoming women directors this year at Stockfish who are creating a big splash with their first film. 

Spring Blossom by Suzanne Lindon has won a great few awards and on top of writing and directing the film she plays the main role. When asked if this was a difficult task for a first full length feature she has this to say: 

“Directing and acting at the same time was natural to me because it was something I wanted to do from the start so I never really considered that it was a big deal. I think that it was also a part of the desire I had to make a gesture that looked like me. Writing, playing and directing was the best way for me to get naked and to make an object that looks as much like me

as possible. This was the only way I wanted to make the movie. I could not have made the movie without playing in it, but I could not have played in the movie without directing it. This is always about legitimacy, which is kind of a vicious circle. The story, the character, everything was very personal, too personal to let someone else do it.”

The film in short is about Suzanne who is 16. She is bored with people of her age. Every day on her way to high school, she passes a theater. There, she meets an older man, and becomes obsessed with him despite their age difference. 

Third film directed by an up and coming woman film director is Babyteeth by Shannon Murphy. Shannon has already created a great reputation in Australia as a director in theater but Babyteeth is her first full lengt feature film. Originally written for theater by Rita Kalnejais the piece was thought to be so visual that it was decided to create a film adaptation. 

When seriously ill teenager Milla falls madly in love with small time drug dealer Moses, it’s her parents’ worst nightmare. But as Milla’s first brush with love brings her a new lust for life, things get messy and traditional morals go out the window. Milla soon shows everyone in her orbit how to live like you have nothing to lose. Babyteeth joyously explores how good it is not to be dead yet and how far we will go for love.

Limited tickets Spring Blossom here.

Limited tickets Babyteeth here.