Physical Cinema

  1.  Perfect Human by Jorgen Leth 13 min
  2. „I stole this piece 7 works curated by Klavs Leipins“ 
  3. Night hag by Anete Tambaka 3,49 min
  4. Whats the matter by Vikram Pradhan 10 min
  5. 52°35’N 19°09’E  by Wiola Ujazdowksa  10.48 min
  6. Study of two figures in video by Sturla Sigurðarson 9,10 min
  7. The present by Renate Feizaka 4,29 min
  8. In the middle of your sternum by Yelena Arakelow 6, 48 min
  9. Self – painting by Sunneva Ása Whissappel 10 min

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