The road to sustainable film production

The Icelandic film industry as part of a broader global effort to address environmental challenges Sustainable production, also known as green or eco-friendly production, is becoming most relevant in the film and entertainment industry nowadays. Aligned with national and international sustainability goals, the IFC is providing policy guidance by implementing requirements, recommendations and support to the industry on its path in achieving more sustainable practices. A shift towards responsible filmmaking that benefits the planet, the industry, and its audiences. This event will be hosted in collaboration with Icelandic Film Centre, the Green Producers Club and the first graduated Icelandic Certified Green Consultants, that form USE SEE and head the Green Producers Club Iceland, they will talk about sustainable film production and how to get there.


Tuesday 9th of April


The Nordic House




Anna María Karlsdóttir

The presentation will be held at The Nordic House and will finish with a visit to Wasteland Iceland: “an ambitious and thought-provoking display of solutions and future concepts for how we can work with Icelandic materials with respect for planetary boundaries”. Guided by the curator of the exhibition, Hrefna Sigurðardóttir.


The Green Producers Club:

The Green Producers Club is a knowledge hub for multiple industries within the culture and creative sectors and facilitates the exchange of experience and know-how between users of the Green Producers Tool. 

The Club’s aim is to reduce emissions from the culture sector according to obligations under the Paris Agreement. The Green Producers Tool combined with the Club aim to lead to industry-wide sustainability standards and best practices. The Club has local offices in Oslo and Copenhagen and are opening a local office in Iceland this Spring, all offices host regular meet-ups. They plan to expand their local presence throughout the Nordic.


The Green Producers Tool:

GPT is a research-based climate tool that measures and facilitates for reduction of CO2eq. The tool contains about 2000 LCA based emission factors. All research is done by Cicero – Center for International Climate Research.


GPT is tailored to multiple industries such as Film & TV, Festivals, Events, Sports and Performing Arts, and has ongoing projects tailoring GPT to art exhibitions and museums. Project partners: Cicero, The Øya Festival, Nordisk Film Production NO/DK/SE, Danish Music Festivals TinderBox and NorthSide, Iceland Airwaves, Nordic House Iceland and Faroe Islands, All Things Content (FI), The National Museum of Norway, and The Norwegian Ski Federation



Icelandic Film Centre

Anna María Karlsdóttir


Heather Millard, producer

Karólína Stefánsdóttir, producer

Sigríður Rósa Bjarnadóttir, sustainable manager

The Green Producers Club

Brita Holt Vistnes, project manager

Mads Astrup Rønning, founder of Green Producers Club

Educated film director. Founder of the Oslo based film and motion graphics studio Babusjka. Founder of Green Producers Club and architect of the Green Producers Tool.