About Stockfish

Stockfish Film Festival in Reykjavík is the film industry’s festival in Iceland. It was founded in 2015, as a reincarnation of the Reykjavík Film Festival (Kvikmyndahátíð í Reykjavík), which was established in 1978.

The festival aims to create a platform in Reykjavík to encourage collaboration between domestic and international film communities and gives the general audience an opportunity to see some of the most up-and-coming art-house films in the world.

The 10th edition of the festival takes place from the 4th - 14th of April 2024 and is held in Bíó Paradís in collaboration with the Icelandic Film Centre and all of the professional film associations in Iceland: The Icelandic Filmmakers Association, The Film Director’s Guild of Iceland, Association of Icelandic Film Producers, Icelandic Actors Guild, The Icelandic Cinematographers Society, and The Icelandic Dramatist's Union.

The Board

Tómas Örn Tómasson

The Icelandic Cinematographers Society - ÍKS

Þórunn Lárusdóttir

The Icelandic Association for Artists in Performing Arts and Film - FÍL

Kristín Andrea Þórðardóttir

Icelandic Association of stage, film and tv directors - FLÍ

Arnar Þórisson

The Icelandic Filmmakers Association - FK

Hanna Björk Valsdóttir

Union of Icelandic Film Producers - SÍK

Styrmir Sigurðsson

The Icelandic Dramatists Union - FLH

The Team

Hrönn Kristinsdóttir

Artistic director

Carolina Salas

Managing director

Ása Baldursdóttir

Program Advisor

Hrönn Sveinsdóttir

Bíó Paradís - Managing Director

Jenn Raptor

Program Manager

Birta Media

Web Design & Consulting

Þórhildur Kristín Lárentsínusdóttir

Sales and Marketing

Kolbeinn Rastrick

Program Assistant

Gunnar Bjarki Baldvinsson

Guest Office Assistant

Agla Þóra Þórarinsdóttir

Festival Assistant

Lucia Santos

Festival Coordinator

Aryna Bokach

Production Assistant

Gaia Alba

Senior Graphic Designer

Petra Rudolfova

Junior Graphic Designer

Ingrida Milko

Guest Office Manager

Þórdís Sól Árnadóttir

Digital Marketing Manager

Leonie Lücke

Digital Marketing Assistant

Vanessa Lerch

Digital Marketing Assistant

Liliána Szabados

Sales and Marketing Assistant

Dejvid Cvetkov

Web Design Junior

Jóel Ingi Sæmundsson

Sales and Marketing Manager

Stefanía Stefánsdóttir

PR Assistant

Kasia Sińska

Coordinator Assistant

Aleksandra Lawska

Open Talks Coordinator

Non-Harassment Policy

Stockfish FIF is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for all participants, including filmmakers, audience members, volunteers, staff, and sponsors. We believe in fostering an atmosphere of respect, diversity, and creativity. Harassment in any form undermines this commitment and will not be tolerated.

Harassment includes, but is not limited to, unwelcome comments, gestures, physical contact, stalking, bullying, intimidation, offensive jokes, slurs, derogatory language, and any other behavior that creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment.

This policy applies to all individuals involved in Stockfish FIF, including but not limited to filmmakers, attendees, volunteers, staff, vendors, and sponsors.

All individuals participating in Stockfish FIF are expected to adhere to the following guidelines:

Treat others with respect, kindness, and consideration. Refrain from any form of harassment, discrimination, or offensive behavior. Respect personal boundaries and consent. Report any incidents of harassment immediately to a festival staff member.

Anyone found to be in violation of this non-harassment policy may be subject to disciplinary action, which may include verbal or written warnings, expulsion from the festival, and/or banning from future events. In cases of criminal behavior, law enforcement may be involved.

If you experience or witness harassment during the festival, please take the following steps:

Report the incident to a festival staff member immediately. Provide as much detail as possible about the incident, including date, time, location, and individuals involved. Festival staff will take appropriate action, which may include an investigation, and will keep the information confidential to the extent permitted by law.

Stockfish FIF is dedicated to creating a welcoming and enjoyable experience for all participants. We encourage open communication and reporting of any concerns to ensure that our festival remains a safe and inclusive space for everyone.

Thank you for your cooperation in making Stockfish FIF a harassment-free environment.