Masterclass: Crafting a Compelling Dox / Helle Hansen

A masterclass about developing a documentary film through a life scenario. With the use of a case study, a Nordic-backed film project, this masterclass provides an analysis where the challenges of navigating diverse perspectives among decision-makers are depicted, highlighting the filmmakers' struggle to balance the satisfaction of all stakeholders while staying true to the original story.  Additionally, the discussion encompasses the role of film institutes in supporting the filmmaking process and explores how film commissioners can better assist filmmakers.  Audience participation is actively encouraged in this discourse.


Wednesday 10th of April


Bíó Paradís



After directing numerous Documentaries for TV, supported by TV and/or the Danish Film Institute (DFI), Helle became a film commissioner for documentaries for four years at DFI and five years in Norway at NFI. She is currently freelancing for a Film Foundation in Northern Norway (FFN).

Helle has also been a pitching mentor at Sunny Side of the Doc.

The narrative delves into the complexities of understanding that initial decisions may not always align with the film’s ultimate best interest.