Casting is a crucial and intricate aspect of filmmaking and television production, serving as the bridge between the script and the screen. The craft of casting involves building a world filled with the right actors to bring characters to life, ensuring a seamless fit between the performer and the role. Casting directors play a pivotal role in this process, possessing a keen understanding of the project's vision, characters, and the nuanced skill sets required.


Friday the 12th of April


Bíó Paradís


16:30 / 17:30


Þórunn Lárusdóttir

MASTERTALK – Starts 16:30

To excel in casting, professionals must possess a deep knowledge of acting, a discerning eye for talent,  a dramaturgical understanding of the text, and the ability to perceive chemistry between actors. They navigate through headshots, resumes, and auditions to identify individuals who not only embody the characters but also contribute to the overall chemistry of the ensemble cast.

The casting process often involves collaboration with directors, producers, and most importantly writers to align creative visions and highlight the nuances of the material. It requires the ability to navigate industry networks, discover emerging talents, and sometimes make unconventional choices that elevate the project. Casting directors also need to be sensitive to issues of diversity and representation, ensuring that the cast reflects the authentic and diverse nature of society.

The craft of casting is an art that goes beyond matching faces to roles. It’s about finding the perfect combination of talent, charisma, and authenticity to create a captivating on-screen experience for audiences. A well-cast project not only enhances the narrative but also has the power to elevate the entire production to new heights.

In this masterclass, Alexa L. Fogel, Emmy and Artios award-winning casting director and producer will share her insights in conversation with Icelandic-American actor, producer, and screenwriter Olafur Darri Ólafsson.


PANEL – Starts 17:30

Expanding the reach of casting calls for actors is crucial for attracting diverse and talented individuals to audition for roles in any project. 

A panel focused on implementing strategies to widen the Icelandic casting calls, which would benefit actors, directors, and producers alike. 

A well-publicized casting call not only attracts a larger pool of talent but also contributes to the success and diversity of a  project.

An event with the main casting companies in Iceland and talent agencies, establish a conversation about how to maximize efficiency and information distribution, what method they have in use and how they would prefer to be approached to expand the variety of actors in casting processes.


ALEXA L. FOGEL has won three Emmy Awards for casting, with a total of thirteen nominations. She has also won eight Artios Awards from the Casting Society of America.

Some of her numerous television casting credits include Feud: Capote Vs. The Swans, Black Bird, Atlanta, We Own This City, Ozark, Pose, The Politician, The Plot Against America, The Outsider, The Deuce, Warrior, Quarry, Banshee, Treme, Ripper Street, The Wire, Generation Kill, Show Me A Hero, and Oz.

Additionally, Alexa has cast films such as Rob Peace, Creed III, Anything’s Possible, Judas and the Black Messiah, The Prom, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, Too Big to Fail, Our Brand Is Crisis, The Sitter, and Red Tails.

Through her Beech Hill Films banner, Alexa produced the Netflix original documentary A Secret Love, about former All-American Girls Professional Baseball League player Terry Donahue and her 72 year-long relationship with partner Pat Henschel.