Rainbow´s End

In Iceland, on the borders of the inhabitable world, three people are searching for the rainbow’s end, groping towards the frontiers of their dreams and aspirations: the mother, who never became a singer, eking out a living by knitting; the daughter, embarking on a brilliant parliamentary career only to find herself campaigning to flood her ancestral home, the valley where her mother was born; and the son, living a marginal existence which for him has become reality, and resorting to the occult in order to regain his lover, who has been driven to suicide by despair. Separated from each other by their situations and yet thrust together by the impetus of their lives, these three wage a bitter struggle marked by memories and forebodings. The mother is haunted by an insistent past which pervades her present: the daughter is torn by a boundless energy which she cannot channel: while the son, befogged by his consuming faith in the irrational, attempts in despair to recover from death the forces of love and life. At the focus of these two domains, the supernatural and the powers of nature combine to weave their destinies.

Curated by The National Film Archive of Iceland.

The screening is in Icelandic and does not have english subtitles.


  • 11th of April 17:00 Q&A
Kristín Jóhannesdóttir
112 min