Stockfish 2024 is happy to present Massif Network

“Massif is leading a revolution in online scouting, offering the essential tool we’ve long recognized as a gap in the industry. After consulting widely, it became clear: the demand was real, and so we created it. With a focus on comprehensive visuals and critical information like sun paths, climate, and access logistics we’re just scratching the surface. We are introducing a dynamic planning tool with robust collaboration options. This first version is just the beginning; there’s much more on the horizon.” Steinarr Logi


Massif Network is an innovative location-scouting platform designed for film producers, photographers and creative professionals. The founders Steinarr Logi and Kidda Rokk Thorisdottir created an all-in-one platform to help its clients find the perfect shooting location and provide them with all the essential information. The Massif team has meticulously curated an extensive directory of over 200 extraordinary locations in Iceland, that features not only stunning photo and drone footage but also unparalleled details crucial for scouting, including thorough information about the sun position, climate conditions, accessibility insights and potential risks. Massif Network’s mission is to create a platform and marketplace with easy access to vetted service providers and empower the client to be as well-informed as possible. The team is expanding globally and adding new collaboration capabilities coming later this year.

Steinarr Logi Nesheim


Kidda Rokk