Shortfish 2023

The goal of the competition is to draw attention to aspiring and versatile filmmakers and encourage future achievements with prizes that lay the foundation for the next project. The Rewards are supported by KUKL Rental, Trickshot Post production house and the Icelandic broadcaster RÚV. Winners will be included in RÚV VOD this year. The contenders will compete in four categories divided into Fiction, Documentary, Experimental & Artistic Music Video Projects.

Many thanks to our sponsors!


  • KUKL 1.000.000 ISK – in house rental
  • RÚV 700.000 ISK – cash
  • Trickshot 200.000 ISK – in house service


  • KUKL 500.000 ISK – in house rental
  • RÚV 700.000 ISK – cash
  • Trickshot 200.000 ISK – in house service


  • KUKL 250.000 ISK – in house rentral
  • RÚV 300.000 ISK – cash
  • Trickshot 200.000 ISK – in house service

Creative Music Video

  • KUKL 250.000 ISK – in house rental
  • RÚV 300.000 ISK – cash
  • Trickshot 200.000 ISK – in house service

rules for submission

  • The films can be maximum 30 minutes length and should not have been produced before 2022. The Icelandic premiere is required to be at Stockfish Festival 2023.
  • Films will only be considered if the author, director and/or main producer is Icelandic.
  • Icelandic music videos are only considered If the director is Icelandic and the music needs to be made to an original song.
  • Submissions are free of charge and executed through FilmFreeway.
  • 20 short films will be shown during the festival, 5 projects will be selected to compete in each category.


We would like to thank all the juries for their important input and contribution but all the jurors are experienced professionals in the film industry here in Iceland.

Narratives: Björn Thors, Tinna Hrafnsdóttir, Ragnheiður Erlingsdóttir

Documentary: Ingibjörg Halldórsdóttir, Álfrún Helga Örnólfsdóttir, Víðir Sigurðsson

Experimental: Hilke Rönnfeldt, Sunneva Weisshappel, Vigdís Jakobsdóttir

Creative Music Video: Eilífur Örn Þrastarson, Hrefna Hagalin, Dóra Jóhannsdóttir




Director: Signý Rós

Producer: Einmitt einmitt

Synopsis: Nonni is excited for the evening. The love of his life is coming for dinner. Dinner like in the old days. But time has passed and their history and memories live only in one of them.

Length: 10 mín

my promised land

Director: Siggi Kjartans

Producer: Thelma Torfadóttir

Synopsis: In occupied Iceland during WW2, up and coming singer Bjork performs at the forbidden underground club “Camp Tripoli” run by US Marines. 

Length: 17 mín


Director: Katla Gunnlaugsdóttir

Producer: Stefán Arnar Alexandersson and Kolka Heimisdóttir

Synopsis: Júlía is invited for a dinner party at her father’s house after not seeing her family for years. Her father is one of the richest men in Iceland. During the dinner party he tells them that he is dying.

Length: 21 mín

felt cute

Director: Anna Karín Lárusdóttir

Producer: Erlendur Sveinsson and Kári Úlfsson

Synopsis: 11 year old Breki is at constant odds with his older sister, but all he wants is her validation. One day when she is out, Breki sneaks into her closet and makeup, leaving the room a mess.

Length: 15 mín


Director: Óttar Thorbergsson, Fannar Birgisson

Producer: Óttar Thorbergsson, Fannar Birgisson

Synopsis: In the middle of winter, Hallur and his son Áki are hunting in the Icelandic highlands when their truck breaks down, leaving them vulnerable and in need of shelter. The oncoming storm forces them to seek refuge in an abandoned mountain cabin nearby. 

Length: 18 mín


introducing drone fest

Director: Elísabet Íris Jónsdóttir

Producer: Elísabet Íris Jónsdóttir

Synopsis: Five friends come together for a night in the studio.

Length: 16 mín


Director: Þórhildur Lárensínusdóttir

Producer: Þórhildur Lárensínusdóttir

Synopsis: Belief in elves has always persisted in Iceland. Elves have a strong relationship with nature and they teach us to respect it. Elves make life more mysterious, exciting and alive.

Length: 10 mín


Director: Thelma Marín Jónsdóttir

Producer: Thelma Marín Jónsdóttir

Synopsis: Two girlfriends talk about real emotions. One shares her darker feelings and the other offers to help her heal. That escalates to an unexpected scenario and we’re left with the question: When does our help to heal someone else become traumatic or triggering?

Length: 10 mín

Keep F****** Going

Director: Marie Lydie Bierne

Producer: Marie Lydie Bierne

Synopsis: In this documentary about mental health and the relevance of friendship, the light is cast on people being vulnerable while exploring the meaning of “belonging”.

Length: 24 mín

Shortfish II



Director: Jakob T. Arnars

Producer: Trausti Valsson

Synopsis: The video is based on fourteen drawings and paintings, and four sculptures of architect Björn Kristleifs made by Trausti Valsson. 

Length: 6 mín 

story of a blue girl

Director: Alda Ægisdóttir


Synopsis: Out of a magical tree a blue girl is born. A handcrafted fantasy world comes to life through stop-motion animation.

Length: 11 mín

steinrunnin (petrified)

Director: Tonik Ensemble, Chris Paul Daniels and Anton Kaldal Ágústsson

Producer: Ágústa Þórarinsdóttir

Synopsis: Steinrunnin (petrified) is a lyrical exploration of collective and cultural eruptions in commemoration of Westman islands’ (Southern Iceland) volcanic outburst fiftieth anniversary.

Length: 11 mín

dúnhagi 11

Director: Magnús Leifsson

Producer: Magnús Leifsson

Synopsis: Dunhagi 11 is a short film containing three vignettes about death.

Length: 10 mín

mother melancholia

Director: Samantha Shay

Producer: Hallfríður Þóra Tryggvadóttir

Synopsis: A multi-layered portrait of four women and a eulogy for the planet set to, and inspired by Sóley’s album of the same title, a self-proclaimed soundtrack for the end of the world as we know it.

Length: 30 mín

creative music video


Director: Ernir Ómarsson

Producer: Katrín Helga Ólafsdóttir

Synopsis: A music video for the song Er þetta allt og sumt? by K.óla.”

Length: 4 mín

jelly belly

Director: Ugla Hauksdóttir

Producer: BSÍ

Synopsis: About the sore numbness of hiding from one’s own feelings or covering them up in shame, the heavy burden of rigid concepts of unhealthy peer pressure are thrown overboard.

Length: 4 mín

on our knees

Director: Alvin Hugi Ragnarsson


Synopsis: “On your knees,” a song by Virgin Orchestra.
An extraterrestrial entity, on a quest of self discovery, is influenced by the current state of the world.

Length: 6 mín

asgeir – snowblind

Director: Erlendur Sveinsson


Synopsis: It’s a dystopian tale about a family journeying through the mystical landscape of the Icelandic highland, escaping their past in search of a higher power.

Length: 4 mín

Devil never killed

Director: Tómas Nói Emilsson

Producer: Hermann Jónsson, Theó Paula, & Tómas Nói Emilsson

Synopsis: Broken by a tragic loss, a young man turns to a fight club to battle his inner devil through physical violence, but he risks losing himself in the process.

Length: 6 mín