Max Gold’s fantasy drama Belle will be Stockfish FIF closing film this year. Belle has an almost fully Icelandic cast starring Andrea Snædal, Ingi Hrafn Hilmarsson and Guðmundur Þorvaldsson. Filmmakers will be attending and join the Open Talks.

The film is about the terrifying fact that just because you are in love, it doesn’t mean the love is good for you. “Fanga” – the Icelandic title – is the Icelandic word for prisoner, which echoes through this darker take on the classic fairytale “Beauty and the Beast”. When Belle’s father falls ill, she chooses to become prisoner to the Beast in exchange for a healing spell. Caught between two toxic relationships, the film tells the story of Belle fighting through the wrong kind of love in order to feel her way towards something new.


Shot on location in Iceland, the film displays the country’s beautiful scenery as a backdrop to this dark fairytale. Experience this mystical tale of romance and horror on the big screen at Stockfish FIF.