Industry in Focus: Slovakia


Sunday, 26th of March


The Nordic House


12:30 - 13:30


Anton Máni Svansson

Strengthening its mission, the festival innovates by bringing forward a yearly “Industry in Focus”. This year we’ll host a delegation and side program from Slovakia, in collaboration with Kino Usmev, Bío Paradís and the Slovak Film Institute. This event will be recorded and streamed live from the Nordic House in Reykjavík. The Slovak Day will consist of two industry actions:

Film model and co-production scheme presentation by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund.
“One of my priorities as the director of the Slovak Audiovisual Fund is to support international cooperation because, as a small country, we can hugely benefit from best practices in other countries.” 
Peter Badač – Director, Slovak Audiovisual Fund.

The support of the audiovisual industry in Slovakia changed fundamentally in 2010 when the Slovak Audiovisual Fund started its full operation. The goal of the Fund is to increase finances in the audiovisual industry, provide support through grants, loans and stipends and support all parts of the film chain – development, production, distribution, promotion, festivals, cinemas, research, education etc., thereby supporting the development of the Slovak audiovisual industry and its infrastructure.
After the presentation an open panel with the Slovak established producers – Katarína Tomková, and Peter Veverka moderated by Icelandic producer Anton Máni Svansson will take place.
This event will cover the know-how  aspects of Slovak co-productions, review the evolution of the industry and revise case studies.