The Hypnosis – Our behaviour behind the mask

The Hypnosis is a wonderfully clever film about human behaviour and the rules of society. This humorous yet surprisingly philosophical film will make you laugh then cower behind your seat from second-hand embarrassment. 

The film follows a young entrepreneurial couple, André and Vera, who get the chance to pitch their female health app at a prestigious competition. Before arriving, Vera tries hypnotherapy to quit smoking, which causes her attitude to change and André to behave unexpectedly as a result. 

While the film itself is light and sprinkled with humour, the theme is something that will leave you reflecting on for days to come. The film questions people’s behaviour in day-to-day life and causes you to wonder how much of our true selves we are suppressing in order to fit into the norms that our society has created. We all carry a mask, some which are thicker than others. Humans are artificial, adjusting their personalities and attitudes depending on who they are talking to in each context. As social creatures, few of us dare to stand out from the crowd or cause ourselves embarrassment. This film encourages you to let loose and reminds you not to take yourself too seriously. Although it does make sure to show us the consequences if we do let ourselves go a bit too far, it reminds us not to sacrifice who we are for the sake of others. 

Watching Vera dance to loud music, speak her mind and playing in the pool, reminiscent of a child, is wonderfully freeing. If only we let ourselves enjoy life and the little things a bit more like we used to when we were children. This film could not come at a better time than now while the idea of ‘healing your inner child’ is growing increasingly more popular. 

The film will leave you flushed from second-hand embarrassment while simultaneously reflecting on your own behaviour. Who is the real you behind the mask social norms force you to wear?


– Written by Stefanía Stefánsdóttir